Paul Mwazha of Africa – Frequent moments of prayer

Frequent moments of prayer occupied most of my thoughts wherever I would be, whether I was working in the fields or doing any other odd tasks, I would down tools and as my heart pulsated with love I felt for the Lord, and tears rolling down my cheeks, I would kneel and pray. Each time I prayed Christ Jesus would fill my heart with joyfulness. I would experience so much joy. It has remained beyond my human capability to explain the extent of such immense pleasure.

The Divine Commission Of Paul Mwazha of Africa Part One



9 thoughts on “Paul Mwazha of Africa – Frequent moments of prayer

  1. in Midlands we had a conference with E.P.M.the gospel was powerful from Magogodya the preacher.he traced tsvimbo youshe iya yakambonzi haibve kuna Juda until it was seen by Mdzidzisi Mudombo.the gospel again from Marara & Mangwaya.

  2. Ndinotenda Mwari nokutitumira nhume kwaakaita. Kudai asino kudaro andiziwe kuti taifanira kungue tiri kupi ikozwino…
    Ah! Mwari ngatibatsire timuterere murume uyu kuti tikunde nyika, nokuti ndiye una mashoko azwokwadi anopindza denga.
    “Que o Senhor seja louvado para todo o sempre”. Amem

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